About Us

Usedavgear.com is a web-store owned, operated and managed by Event Technology Solutions, LLC (a.k.a. ETS). ETS is a professional AV rental and staging company located in the State of Maryland that has been in business for well over a decade. 
All of the equipment and items sold here are either from our own show inventory or rental inventory. All items are strictly used and maintained by audio/visual professionals. 
As a professional AV rental and staging company, we stay up to date with the technology. As a result, we purchase massive amounts of new AV equipment throughout every year to replace our current ones or to supplement additional inventory with the rental and staging demand. The items we remove from our current inventory are sold to this website and sometimes to other platforms such as Ebay.

Rather rent AV gear?

Please visit our AV rental and Staging website: www.etsaudiovisual.com